Am I To Be Okay For A While ?

I thought I was dying and now I'm told other than the biopsy on my Broncial I might find I'm more alive than dead, what a gas ! I am quitting the smoke , it will kill me sooner than later. This means I have to lose weight as well to be healthy. I am not use to a constructive way of life as long as I smoke I never will learn a new way of living. I want to meet the right man for me and live happily ever after,...oh yeah, right. But I want a man who doesn't smoke, has better things to think about than where did he leave his cigarette and lighter. I want a man who loves me with his heart and I love him with all mine. Where is he ? Do I have to meet him somewhere that I wouldn't ordinarily go ? Because of the cigarettes I couldn't leave home ., beside's I need a shower. I have every valid excuse in the world not to go. Will I this time next year be so very gratful I stayed quit because of this wonderful man ? We'll see. I bet I have a lot to feel grateful about this time next year if I stayed quit.
MsOracle MsOracle
70+, F
May 6, 2012