I Crave The Taste Of His Special Sauce.....

The thought of me pleasuring him until I drive him insane with passion excites me.....I want to awaken him as he sleeps...crawl under the blanket and slowly lick his purple cockhead until he stirs. I want to feel him harden as I wrap my lips around it....I want to taste him....every drop of his precum savored on my tongue. I want to slowly make love to his titanium steel rod.....hips pushing up to meet my mouth.....sounds of pleasure escaping his lips...the taste of him drives me wild.....

I take him deeper in my mouth deep throating him.....my tongue slipping out the bottom to lick his ball sacs....it drives him past the point of no return and he grabs my head....two fists of my long hair between his fingers....I look deep into his eyes as he ***** my mouth....I watch as his eyes roll back into his head as the roar of passion loudly fills the air and he shoots all his hot *** deep in my throat and I have my cravings for his special sauce met.......
ThoseTearsofJoy ThoseTearsofJoy
36-40, F
5 Responses Dec 7, 2012

You are one awesome poet. I can deliver extra sauce and a hot rod to inspire you more.

I wished I was the lucky recipient

Great detail.... Sure is warm in here!
Thx for sharing!

You can share my special sauce with me anytime baby.....love to see those luscious lips around my hard rod!!!

Sounds like a great way to be woken up! Way better than breakfast in bed!

Two things in life that are are worth waking up to...the special sauce and the mixing of the love cocktail shared by two people crazy for each other and who can NEVER get enough of it.....

Couldn't have said it better!