Just A Wish And A Dream.

When I was little and my family had just moved to a new town they signed me up at a local dance studio that was pretty much strict ballet. Sure they had tap, jazz, lyrical but I did ballet.  Ballet was apart of my life for thirteen years. Then I was told that if I wanted to continue with it I had to pay my own way and find a ride there. It was the first time in my life that the one thing that I lived for, loved and would do anything for would be taken away forever. At that moment my dreams of being a prema ballerina were dashed forever. Several years later going to college I found a local studio where the teacher let me pay as much as I could for a few lessons here and there when I could afford it. I also found another studio in the same area where I learned to ballroom and latin. My mom gave in to get me a $30 pass for 3 months to be able to social dance with my friends. It  made me feel a little bit more satisfied, but it was hard to transition. But even though I know more about other types of dance, I still miss the one thing I love. So now my dream is to someday own the original studio in which I spent so many years of my life and gave me the courage not to just stand out but to stand up.

skittlemethis skittlemethis
22-25, F
Mar 13, 2010