Mouth! :D :D <>

Sometimes i say to my grandson! "wow!! you have a big gob" or shut your lil mush! lol

Both are slang words for the mouth lol
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Lol thank you! SM2010! :D "mouthing off", means, you are a big mouth and shout really, really loud, you shout everyone else down"! Swearing is cursing, bad language! <br />
Awe! loves you! :D I thank you so much for sharing your feedback and for your comment! my doll! :D :D <>

Ohhhhhh! yes! :D well done!!!! :D i never thought of that you clever girl you! :D My mother used to say "fizzhog" and "trap hole"!! lol two great words aren't they?? No! i've not heard that one before! "jog on" lollol thank you for sharing these with me my gorgeous! and for your feedback! :D :D <>