Some Mixed Up Issues

I have 113 fans, 113 favorites that makes 113 friends, and on the top right of my page I see 117.

Where are the rest?

LordVoldemort LordVoldemort
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18 Responses Mar 12, 2009

@ little purr: I have, it was 8 months ago, you are right, there are more important things in life.<br />
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I loved it too, great casting

:) hugs, yeh really, let it go..worse things in life than that sweet LordVoldemort...( I loved that harry potter movie, the first one;).

Dear duchess, I am sorry if I write a lot of stories, I talk too much. On and off EP, I hope you don't block me for that!<br />
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I really treasure your friendship.

Why don't you ask them for friendship. I have chosen most of my friends, you can do that.

Thank you for your comment

Strange, They said it can't be fixed!

mine is off by 6!! do you have 3 gurus?

funny I notice the same problem. It's off by 3.

@ chris: thanks, now I can freely complain, I am not a freak for complaining about this!<br />
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@ MiaBella: It's a conspiracy! maybe they are abducted and tortured to death!!<br />
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@ redwings: I should or I will disappear too!

yeah, really.. i think you need to let go...:-)

lol... No you're not. It still bugs me too... ;-)

Thanks, I am a little obsessive about these things. I should let go.

that was from nov 2007...

Mine started when a friend changed into guru. He messed up my group!

Could be. That number has been off for as long as I can remember...

I think it's because some of the EPers deleted their profiles.<br />
<br />
Or it could be a problem with changing from a Fan to Guru, I think it started when some people changed their state.

I know. I wrote them one time and asked what was up, and they replied that it was a glitch.... that was a long time ago too....