Teaching Is Indeed Fun.

For me, teaching is fun and a good way to dispense my knowledge in subject matters that I am well informed in. However, as a high school teacher, I had to combat with the challenge of routine work (which I hate so much!) I ran into the field of print journalism and regretted it bitterly-- I really loathed mixing up with colleagues in the newsroom and was constantly isolated and thus unnecessarily conspicuous. I ran away from that too. Though I still long for a continued career in education, this remains my major fear-- routine work. So, I'm coming up with the idea of multitasking myself with educational counseling, raising a family and being a freelance writer and an IT specialist. I wish myself good luck in this endeavor!
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Thank you marmar4249, this sure gets me thinking! However, when that is the only thing I do, teaching, as much as i like it, does evolve into a routine and so, working with other subjects of my interests would be refreshing, especially if it gets to be an alternative means of income...

ultimately u r the judge. Happy life......

Multitasking has inherent pitfall - lack of responsibility & ineffectiveness. In my personal life i observed that my attraction for multitasking scaled up when i felt disconnected to my responsibilities (towards work, people, etc.). I just shared my case, yours may be different. :). No offense.<br />
Every job is routine over a period of time if i don't see persons around me & further, don't feel responsible for them. In my case, my job is generally white colar job with routine complexities / challenges in them. But when i remind myself that every person is complex & my job includes keeping situations cordial & happy for others as well, i see a different perception to look at my job.<br />
Your job of Teacher is - by itself very complex & non-routine considering dealing with children with different backgrounds. Every child is different & so, same approach will not work with all. You have to undersytnd their natures & help them accordingly. Oh! not at all routine especially teaching.<br />
I'm surprised, how can that be routine my freind? Anyways, if you still feel fear for routine multitasking is best option. But you need to sacrify efficiency. :)))