Step Into My Fire...

Step into my fire…
Step into my fire dear, it starts out nice and warm.
An alchemizing, elemental bath that alters temperament and form.
It runs the spectrum red, orange, yellow, and white then shifts into a blue
 You’ll feel something start to change within, as it takes on a violet hue.
 A sheen of sweat will coat your skin, you’ll pant and lick you lips.
Your body will sway to slow rumba beats, flames flinging from your hips.
Your hair will float upon drafts of heat and air, coalescing around your skull
You’ll feel that” inexplicable urge” to mount and ride the roaring, flaming bull.
It will buck you hard, snort, grunt and twirl, attempting to fling you from its’ back.
You must do your part and ride it hard---this is a test of wills, not a physical attack.
 So twist and grind to syncopated time, violet, fiery maelstrom that transforms.
Like the Phoenix that dies you’ll collapse and rise, elevated you are--- reborn! 
Dragoncat0228 Dragoncat0228
51-55, M
6 Responses Jul 21, 2010

Thank you mystikRage, thank you for seeing.

Thank you WiB! I must admit I did reach deep for this one and it was very much heartfelt.

Like it DC ... it speaks volumes about the Dragoncat ... his hidden depths and deep dark desires!!

Hmmmmm... I seem to have struck a chord.

Very true... but this one caught me completely off guard. It was meant to flirt with the "erotic", but also seemed to take on something of its' own.

Hmmmm, odd once I finished this I wasn't sure if it was speaking on an erotic nature, or if it was just speaking on the topic of dancing with the changes one experiences while living life. It is like I started out painting one thing, but once completed... stepped back and seen something else.