As The Ice Dragon Ponders...

He sits there pondering the mystical ball that holds galaxies, suns and stars.
His spirit heavy with age, but in truth, he is but a youth ever learning.
"There are laws to all that you behold", a voice whispers in his ears,
"What appears to be complex, is actually quite simple."

He Ponders...
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3 Responses Aug 9, 2010

Simplicity seems to be the answer to a lot of things.<br />
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Sometimes thinking toooooo deeply makes things more complicated then what it actually is.<br />
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Hummmmm........why didn't I read this earlier ? It only took me 2 yrs. Nothing like pondering..........Rushing doesn't get YOU anywhere. :) HUGS

Oh! This story wasn't about the Black Dragon (current Avatar). He's not insecure,he's seen too much and knows there are always things that you have no control over. Currently he is just reflecting on his life and trying to figure out how he can make things right. He is wise but knows that he doesn't "have all the answers". It feels as if 'BS' has grown wings and is pestering everyone like gnats-gone-wild! This story was about the little Ice Dragon. However, the answer for both problems might just be one and the same... hmmmm.<br />
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*Runs to change Avatar*

for some, whilst they're pondering they look so if they have all the if they hold all the power....but within, lies the same fears...the same insecurities.....the same truths... <br />
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and what is this dragon pondering??