Mom and Me

when I was a boy growing up I used to ********** in my room. Well this particular day I was naked on my bed stroking with my head phones , when to my surprise my mom walked in on hard as a rock. I didn't know what to do but she said very nice just like your dad hung. She told me not cover it up and said I've been finding your *** rags lately and love your loads. She walked towards me unbuttoning herself and grabbed my balls and then stroked my **** and said I think you need me to release that load honey. She grabbed my **** and started to put it in her and I wanted to *** right then but she said relax and I'll show you how its done. Well she did and we must have had sex for about 2 hours untill she made *** in her it was awesome I must admit.
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10 Responses Dec 18, 2007

mums always know best i love my mum n am close very close to her :)

lucky guy. great mom

i have always wanted my mum n aunt god they are hot gettin closer now :)

wow amazin story. mum is the best person in my life n is hot. always been attracted to her from young to now

Yes...moms have good ***** too and know how to suck ****!

Your mom sounds like a sweet ****! Love to watch you and her sucking and ******* together! Did you smell her *****?

great story, i hope you tell more.

Tell us about the 2nd time your mom ****** you,

nice one....tell us more

Three hours to cljmax, Geez. The first time I had oral sex I lasted about a minute.