A Hand Job From Mom

I was 15 and baseball practice was cancelled so I decided to go over my friends house instead of home. I walked in and headed straight to his room. has I walked down the hall I could hear some heavy moaning and groaning. His door was open and I peaked around the corner to see had some big titted ***** bent over his bed and he had her *** cheeks spead wide and was pounding the **** out of her hairy ***** from behind. Her big **** were hanging down and bouncing all over the place.
I just stood there enjoying the show. After about five minutes he pulled out and flipped her up onto her back. It was at that moment that I realised that it was my mother he was *******.
we all looked at each other in shock and she jumped up and one of her **** her in the head knocking her back onto the bed.
I stormed out and didn't go home until late that night thinking my parents would be in bed.
All i could think about was my moms huge **** bouncing around every time my friend slammed her. I got hard on and began stroking it under the covers. She knocked on and entered my room. She was wearing her night and started to say how sorry she was and begged me not to tell my father. Then she noticed the tent I had going on. She sat down on the edge of the bed and began rubbing me through the sheet.
She stopped talking and just rubbed me for a couple of minutes. Then she pulled back the sheet and wrapped her fingers around my ****. She slowly sat there rubbing my balls and stroaking me up and down. I just layed there enjoying every stroke. After a while she quicken her pace and wrapped her hand a little tighter around my hardon. Then I tried with no succes not to *** but I did. All over her hand.She continued to pump me and until I was done. Then she just smiled kissed me and walked out.
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5 Responses Dec 1, 2010

If I caught my mom ******* one of my friends there is no way I wouldn't end up ******* her too.

I'm having a hard time understanding your writing.

I am lucky my mum is close as my aunt two hot women i have grew up so close too. i still want to do my mum n she now knows as my aunt made sure for me both hot n sexy as hell seen it all many times from young to now

Reading this story made me hard! Thank you. You were one lucky kid to have this experience happen to you!

Come on; you surely got more than a ******* out of this!!! What happen with your best friend that was ******* your mom silly???

I agree, I wouldve got in on it right there