Shaving Mom's Legs

When I was a teenager my mother used tolet me shave her legs. When she had on a dress I would let it ride up and catch a glimpse of her panties.It would make me excited.One day she had on slacks and slipped them off and laid there in her panties while I shaved her legs. She knew she was exciting me. Then one day she decided to totally shock me when she needed her legs shaved and told me if I wanted to shave her legs I had to do it naked. I took off my clothes and had an erecetion. I plugged in the razor. She then ******** naked and I shaved her legs. After that all shaves were in he nude. I went off to college and it ended. Twenty five years later I was visiting and she asked me if I wanted to shave her legs and I took the opportunity. Same rules we both ********. Until her passing 10 years ago I  would still stop by on occasion and give her  a shave
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