I Watched Mom Naked

I saw my mom naked so many times, i can't even count them.
Since i was a little kid, about 6, i remember she called me in the shower so i could help her brushing her back and shoulder. At that age i didn't even cared about her being naked, because i didn't know anything about nudity or sexuality, and also because i only saw her back and big fat ***. She never turned and showed her frontal.
The first time i saw her full body was when i was 11. During one of my visit in the bathroom to brush her back, she bent at the waist to shave her leg, and i was so close to her that her *** touched mt face. For the first time i saw her dark butthole and a little bit of hair, which at the time shocked me a little bit, because i didn't know that women could be hairy in their privates.
While shaving she cut her leg and started to bleed... so she rapidly turned around and asked me to get some disinfectant and a bandaid, that i put on her cut. While getting this stuff from the cupboard i had the chance to watche her full frontal. She is medium height, and a little bit chubby, but not fat. She had beautiful firm big boobs, 34C i guess, very wide hips, a soft belly with lots of sretchmarks and a scar from her two caesarian birth, and most important a perfectly triangular hairy pubes, with the labia barely visible... it was an amazing vision, and the best thing is that i kept on seeing it many times during my childhood and puberty!
And because i know you'd love to see her too, you can find some pics of her in my album! just add me and pleas leave your dirty comment!
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Great story. I assume that you did more. Please add me.

yes i did! write me a message and i'll be more than glad to tell you everything!

and how many times did you jack off thinking of your moms big sweet ****

many time... but luckily i went further than just jack off

i have seen your moms ***** pic`s, and it would be hard not to ****,good for you

eheheh thank you man! it' s a great experience

my mom was a very good looking lady,often wanted to run my hands up her stockinged and girdled legs, but never had the chance,but did see her naked a few times.again, you were very lucky and your mom is hot.do you still get to **** her?

yes, of course, along with my dad

mmmmm,thats sweet,

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I'd love to see ur mom of course

That is a hot story! I was never interested in my mom, but I have an older sister that I have lusted after since I was very young! She could be Anne Margret's twin!!! Red hair, Big ****, gorgeous *** and sexy as Hell too!!!