The Beginning

I grew up in a small town in northern Europe, we had a big old house with many rooms. The bedrooms was in second floor, and I had the room next to my parents room. In my parents room there were a small fireplace - and on both side of the fireplace there was small gap to the wood wall, so I could peek in to my parents room. My father used to travel a lot with his work leaving us alone (months at the time). My Mom is about 20 years older than me, always had nice figure, long black hair and nice big ****.


I would say my parents had a very active sex life, going on almost every night - I did not take to much interest and did not peak to much. When I was about 15 - 16 years old I started to get more interested, specially when my dad was away. Every night I would turn off my light and peak into my moms room. She very often played with her self using fingers or toys. In the beginning I don't think she was aware of me, but after a while I am sure she knew (I know now for a fact that she knew). It was so exiting to see my mom this way. I used to watch and ********** several times each night, leaving my underwear and pajamas stained with ***. This went on for some time, same routine every night, and I also noticed that my mom was starting to dress more provocative at home. In night time she started to put on sexy underwear or sleep naked, as if she was intentionally teasing me.  I remember how exiting it was to look into her closet and drawers to find sexy things and toys, I even put on some of her underwear and used to ********** hard when she was not at home.

One day she went out to do some shopping, I sneak into her bedroom and started to look trough her stuff. I found a white fishnet bodysuit I had never seen before. I got hard just imagining my mom wearing this, I could not stop myself from taking out my **** and starting to stroke it with closed eyes. I was to exited in in my own dreams to notice that my mom had come back and into the room. She shouted at me, "What are you doing?" I turned around with the bodysuit in one hand and still holding my **** with the other hand. Don't know how to describe what I felt at that moment, ashamed, embarrassed, regret or excitement. think it was a mix of all. I just stood there paralyzed unable to say a word. My mom came over and took the bodysuit out of my hands, looking angrily at me. "Did you *** on my cloths, like you always do in your pajamas and bedsheets?" "Don't you think I know?" " I am getting tired of washing and cleaning up your mess". She threatened to have me clean my own stained cloths outside so all the neighbor's could see. She was really upset. I looked down on the floor ashamed, and could only say sorry.  I slowly tried to leave the room, she stopped me half way and said that she knew I was peaking at her every night. Surprisingly she was not angry anymore, and started to ask me if I liked to watch her, and if I had watched her with my father. I had to admit that I really liked it and that I often *********** after her "show". She told me to peak again the same evening, and she would put on the new white fishnet bodysuit for me. I was still in a bit of shock, so I could only say Thanks and went out of the room.  Later in the evening she reminded me about our agreement, and she told me to use the toilet paper when I *********** after and not the bedsheets. I blushed and said OK before I went to my room.

I was laying in my bed waiting for my mom to get to bed, don't know what took her so long, it felt like an eternity before she finally came to her room. I turned of my lights and quickly went over to peak from my favorite corner. She knew I was watching so she took her time undressing and putting on her body suit. She went to the middle of the room and turned slowly around to show me everything. Then suddenly she stopped, put her hands on her hips and loudly asked me to come in her room. I was surprised but was very fast to go there. She told me it was just stupid of us to peak and pretend when we both knew what was going on. I was using pajamas at that time with no underwear under, and I already had a hard on that she could see very clearly. I tried to hold my hands in front, but she just laught and said it was all OK. She asked me if I liked her new outfit, she had just bought it the day before. I nodded and sat down on her bed. My mom pulled out a chair and sat down with spread legs, she asked me to take out a toy of my choice from her drawer - she knew I had been looking trough her stuff. I found one silver vibrator and gave it to her. She made me lick it before she tooke it and put inside her *****. She told me not to touch myself only look  and enjoy. Something I was really doing. After some time she came over to the bed and sat down beside me, she asked if I wanted to touch her breasts while she was still playing with the vib. Again I nodded and start touching my moms breasts, first soft then harder. I could not believe what was happening, it was so exiting and at the same time something I was not allowed to do. But I could not stop it, I was to exited and wanted to touch my moms ***** so much, to taste it like I had been watching on movies and magazines. Without asking for permission, I slowly let my hand slide down to her ***** - slowly to see if she was going to stop me - something she did not do. She took out the vib. and led my hand into her warm wet *****. I tried one finger first, she was so wet so I tried 2 fingers. My mom put her hand on my hard ****, and gave it soft massage outside the pyjama  pants. I was so hard and exited that I was just about to explode. So after she took out my ****, she only had to stroke it a few times before I came in her hand. I lay back on the bed, a bit ashamed I had come so fast. My mom just smiled and said it was all OK. She kissed my **** on the head, and said this should be enough for today. She got a small towel and cleaned up my *** before she said it was time to go sleep and get ready for next day. I went to my room and fell asleep almost right away.

That was the first time I did something sexually with my mom, we had a wonderful time from I was 16 to 32 years. We stopped for about 8 years. The other day we sat down alone drinking some wine talking about those days. We both had to admit that we missed the good time, and on joke I said that we should maybe try to take it up again. My mom laught and gave Think we might start having some fun again.

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Wow this story is hot hope to hear another story soon

Wow really nice.trully mesmerising. Thanks for sharing.


where is your story for the next time you and mom had fun?

that was so hot and sexy, but, at the same time so innocent! thanks for a very interesting story!