Tia Maria

This story is dedicated to Alabamascalling...my first friend here at EP.

The best non-human friend I ever had was a beautiful Alaskan husky who came to share my life when she was just 7 weeks old.  She lived to be 12...a long, happy life in the rural mountains of Vermont.  I got Tia before I was married.  When my son was born they were very close from the beginning and she became like Nana in Peter Pan....I felt safe leaving my son alone with her at any time.  People warned me that, since she was 3/4 wolf, she could "turn" at any time, but I was never worried about that.

Tia had such a need to run, that even though we shared an invisible fence with our neigbors, and she had 6 acres to run around in all day, she loved to run alongside my car, up and down our hill.  I would hold her leash out the window and she would easily do 30 mph, running the entire 7/10 mile hill...resting a minute at the bottom then running back uphill at the same speed. 

I got Tia drunk once.  It wasn't intentional, but she discovered the blender that we had made pina coladas in and decided to "clean" it up for us...she got wasted.  Funny as hell.  Kind of mean, but funny nonetheless.

She was a good friend.  Hated thunderstorms.  Camped out in Illinois with my ex and me...I miss her.
Pitter Pitter
56-60, F
Aug 6, 2007