I Want To Be Nude And Free

I have been living nude for for sometime and am always looking for a new experience. I made a promise to myself that no matter what, I would work and live  in the nude,and I have sofar been good to my promise, it has not been easy or without problems,First off I got a job as a grounds and buldings maintenance man and after requesting that I be allowed to work naked, I got the job,and that has been the best three years of my life,not once in that  three years has any member of the 23 staff ever seen me wear cloths. Second job and very exciting, nude moddeling,lots and lots of fun and plenty of s-x. third job ,gardener and of course nude gardening can have lots of rewards,good sun tan some very happy customers and and lots of veg.Now you would think that I have had enough experiences to last a life time,but no not me,anything and every thing is my moto,so I was very happy when a lady friend suggested that as I liked being nude so much,why didnt I let her drive me out of town (about 50 miles) and make my own way back totaly naked, only a pair of trainers to protect my feet,I very quickly agreed,this would test my commitment to my way of life to the full,the great day came and we set off and to make sure we made the best of the day we set off early 5am.When we arrived at our destination there was no one around to see us,so I got out of the car and taking a tub sun cream started to apply it all over my body,my friend watched me with a big smile on her face,make sure you have plenty of cream on your pen-s you dont want sun burn on it she said,taking the cream from me she made sure that it was well covered and very hard,she jumped into the car and was gone.There I was,at the side of the road very naked with an erection to be proud of,and very happy. 

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1 Response Feb 23, 2010

That sounds so exciting! I to have been places totally without even shoes with a very hard, not to subside erection. I have been seen and spoken with by both women and men in this situation. Although I have not been so far out of safety like you this is something I would love to try. As far as having jobs where you can be nude, I'd take any or all three of them in a minute.<br />
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Thanks for sharing...Luv 'em smooth

It is exciting and very rewarding,when you have done it you wont ever want to weare cloths again,as for the nude jobs, all you have to do is ask,all they can say is yes or no,if no try another job if yes smile.