I Want To Tell

I would love to have the courage to tell some friends that i Crossdress and wear panties all the time but i don't have the courage to tell them
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I have always found it easier to tell women. I still do but I've learned they can't keep a secret. I've been outed so often,

I'm with you and would love to tell a female friend but as an executive in a mid-sized firm I worry about it getting out. So tell your friends here about it dear.

caution is the word, know who you re telling and sound them out beforehand, best of

Sweetheart, unless you trust 110% in someone, keep it to yourself, I am in the same

i don't on about my friends but yes As long as you are discrete most people don't care what you are wearing under your clothing

It' would be nice tell friends but for me I know how it will end up<br />
But I have told my wife who is very understanding

i do not regret it but it would be nice to till some of my friends that i Crossdress

do not feel alone darlin. you know the consequences, of telling them, can not only be extreme, but devastating. i wish that it was not so, but be real. this is life. there is the life as it should be, and the real life that is.<br />
just be the best tammy that you can be, and live life without regrets. easier said than done, i know. i've had all the arguments, again, and again, and again.<br />
when push comes to shove, you can no more deny tammy, than i can deny Nita. so no matter what anyone else thinks, that is their problem. just be you.<br />
<br />
with Love,<br />