Only Found Out My Best Friend Was Crossdresser Like Me

i have been crossdressing since 7 secretly i met my best friend in secondry school when 14 we use to stay at eachothers houses nearly every weekend and was very close but he had to move away when 17 i was heartbroken but met a couple of times when he visited but lost contact again for many years so was very happy when we found eachother on a social website and got chatting again :) i got drunk one night and opened my heart to him confessing i was a crossdresser i thought he would be shocked by this but i was the one shocked when he confessed he was a crossdresser himself and dressed secretly many times when i stayed over at his house we had great chat and both regret not confessing when young as for we would of dressed together we keep in touch now talking about what we wear and maybe hope to finally dress together fingers crossed :)
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great story

amazing! wonder how many childhood friends had the same secret we did? how great you "confessed."

I like that

What a wonderful story! It's a shame that both of you did not "discover" each other's secret earlier but better late than never.
Now the two of you have a lot to share and hopefully you can develop a new and special relationship with each other!

Could image situation lake this happens often.

same here it was this panties we was older

It must have been wonderful to be able to dressed female and see each other and be female. xx

Glad it worked out to be such a wonderful visit

this is one great item have lost contact with my best friend years ago, when i had to move for my job have always wondered if he still dresses.<br />
<br />
Thanks for posting this and all of the follow ups,<br />
<br />
Josy xx

Great story, hope you noth find each other again and bring yourselves more happiness

This is the best story that I have read in a long time. I wonder if some of m y old buddies are also crossdressers.

Could be ... some, like Cindy did, we find out are and then others, well we might suspect, but don't know for sure.

Having a relaxing day dressing together pretty warm today at one point we were both relaxing on couch together in our bras panties and tights hee :)

That's great! But the two of you need to do more than lounge around in your lingerie, and with it being warm maybe starting to work on your sun tans. How about shopping? Some new lingerie or a new outfit or two wouldn't be amiss, would it?

so happy my friend arrived earlier we went for a few drinks to catch up and talk about us both dressing he is in bed now we dressed together he bought me panties and tights as a present wearing them now :) it felt strange dressing with him but he has same taste in clothes as me wow we both helped eachother with our bras and chatted for seemed like ages well i better join him now and get some sleep he is staying for three days and wants to go shopping tomorrow oooh i cant wait xxxxxxx

That is so cool! I am sure the two of you will have a great time over the three days you are together ... including shopping.

we didnt go shopping to day ended up dresseing together and having a few drinks and some fun he is going to stay a few days more :) maybe i can make him stay here forever hee

I can't wait to hear how this turns out with you and your friend, both being CDers. I think that is cool and, though it is unfortunate that the two of you didn't know before, it is cool that you both know now. Better late than never, as they say.

yeh it was a shame we didnt find out when we were young but at least we know now i cant sleep at all so excited we have been texting on phone he cant sleep too oh god what will happen hee :)

That doesn't surprise me, that both of you now know about both of you being CDers and that both of you are excited. Yes it is a shame that the two of you didn't know before, but I think it will be exciting for both of you, not only texting but getting together. Do keep us posted, okay?

well it finally looks as though its going to happen was chatting to my friend he is coming for visit tomorrow for couple of days oh god im so excited cant wait neither can he oooooh im so excited hee ive been waiting for so long for this the two of us dressing together wish me luck :)

Good luck. Since both of you are open and sincere with each other, I'm sure it's just a matter of time.

Thanks yes with any luck it will happen soon :)