Not Necessarily Want To

I have told my cousin and we're closer than we'd ever been before (not like THAT though... for those of you with naughty minds...) and I've told a good close family friend but I don't think I want to tell anyone else necessarily, at least not out of my current friends. I've also made a few new friends through a dating site who have known my secret from the start and am still searching for a full girlfriend on that site and hopefully it'll happen soon, though my luck never seems to indicate that it will... anyway I do know how much of a burden it is to keep it all bottled in and so there are times where I wonder what would happen if I told my family, would I be freeing myself or would my whole world collapse? it depends on how they'd react and I honestly can't read them that way and in my current point of life I can't afford to risk my world collapsing. Maybe someday when I'm in more control of my life but not now... but in a perfect world, none of us would have to deal with this burden and we'd all be free to go about our business.
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brave gurl

You speak with a lot of wisdom and perspective. My life is fairly "compartmentalized" when it comes to my cross dressing and I am fine with that. I am quite out in the world as Jenny with a certain circle of friends. But my family and professional life are separate. I made the choice long ago that this is how I wanted to handle it. But I wholeheartedly agree that in a perfect world, there would be no judgement about dressing and presenting yourself in any way that you like.