I graduated 1999. My highshool sweetheart was Nigerian, and at the time a very warm, caring, and loving individual. We dated for a while out of highshool before it finally went south. I can't remember why. That was truly one of the first and really legitament relationship I've had since. I haven't had an experience or the respect like it since. I have recently been in contact with him after having a falling out 2 years ago, and he just is not the person I remember. He has changed tremendously, and seems to want to ignore his past. What I do know is that he is not married, possibly still single. I am single, but I am also a mom, which he already knows. He has become such a stickler, and is so different from what I remember, that I am not sure if trying to bring up reconnecting is a good idea. Kinda like walking on eggshells.
Rovajo Rovajo
Sep 22, 2012