Another Shot...

I'm on a quest to stop saying "Tomorrow I will..." and actually start my "tomorrow-isms" today. This mainly involves a) my struggle to lose weight and b) gaining the courage from this lost weight (or realizing that I'm fine enough as is) so I can tell my first love that I want another shot with him. I don't know which is going to be harder or more life changing...

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2morrowiwill 2morrowiwill
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1 Response Oct 8, 2009

I know how you feel!!! I can't seem to get over my first true love. I cant let myself love another and it hurts so bad. I feel asthough im at a standstill untill i can get over this and i dont know how. you see i have lost contact with him and am trying to get it back. <br />
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Your story fits mine so much. We should become friends on here.