Born Throgh Rape And Insecs

My nane is Raymond m. Michel.I was born to a will now family in Sudbury Ont. My mother is Leona she had been raped by her brother and I was born 9 months later.  I was treated every bad by my stepfather he use to beat me every day because he new that I wasn't his son. I was told by my mother that I had to go to my uncle Raymond for home visit's to me home visit means going to see my father . My mother Leona told me  had to see  my uncleor he  would may trouble. The other thing he did for me that tell me he is my father is he helped my exwife to move he wouldn'teven  help his other children to move.One day I was helping him build a garage and I told him I wish he was my dad and tears came down his check's.All my family nows I was born from rape . No one in Sudbury don't   now that my motherhas 2sons and1 daugther they only now she has two children. I am push a side like a bad decease this make me feel every depress I only hope that the people in Sudbury could read this.
dilady dilady
51-55, F
Jul 17, 2010