this is what ive learned and what i felt  i am depressed and takin care of my father took care of my mothe til she died and all the stuff that happened to me when i was a child is all blank but i remembered being raped as avirgin at 15 and again at 16 i feel that people that do that need to be paid back i actually have been raped 5 times in my life and now i am the one trying to help others because that is the way i am i am now a grandma and i hope i can help if you need to speak or talk this is my dads computer but he will let me use it     god loves us no matter what we do or what has happened                                       remember this when you were on the ground someone picked you up when you where down someone picked you up and do you realize who that was it was you and your beliefs   always believe in yourself if you dont beleive in yourself no one will believe in you
shadow66 shadow66
Oct 5, 2010