What It Is To Be Alone And Homeless.

Hi my name is Bryan.
I dont drink and I don't do drugs.
I'm homeless and all my friends are dead.
Most people I meat don't under stand how it is that I am where I am to day.
I can solve any problem that other people have but my Owen.
I don't have a girl fried any longer (she died of cancer 5 years ago).
My best friend died 6 years ago.
My dog died on my birthday 4 years ago.
I have come to release that loving people is the wrong thing for me.
It hearts to much when thy leave me.
I never had kids.
Is better that way I think.
How ever i enjoy watching other peoples kids playing and remembering what it was to be happy.
I'm not working wright now because people think I'm to smart.
I tried to get a job at McDonald's and the said I was over qualified.
more to come later..........................
bryanmcc6 bryanmcc6
1 Response Mar 1, 2011

Bless You, may life grow kinder to you in the future. May love find you again. <br />
Stay Safe.