~A Love Story~

It all started back in '63. Your mom and I ran into each other at the A&W at the corner of Cherry Street. She was a waitress, and I was a Korea Veteran. Back in the day, people got to know each other by doing secret handshakes and acid. We met Walt Disney and he explained our destiny in a manner of interpretive dance. Thus the movie "Pete's Dragon" was born. Your mom and I were very much in love. We traveled the world looking for vending machines that disposed only Kit-Kat bars. It was the time of our lives.
Unfortunately, your mom (aka yo' mum after our visit to the UK) is a very jealous person. She refuses my proposals to marriage and never lets me meet other people. Sometimes while i am alone, I wonder if being with her is worth the pain I feel when she chooses other drinking buddies to go out with. But when I hear her beautiful slurred voice coming out of the phone in the garbled mess I've come to love, I realize it is all worth it.
But that doesn't make me perfect. I've fallen into an addiction of blackberry brandy, and when I am intoxicated from such drink, my actions are uncharted. Your mother seems to think that my so-called "drinking problem" is affecting my personality and in return, our relationship. I don't doubt your mom cheats on me from time to time so I don't get why she is so stingy with me whenever I go out for a little fun. Honestly. the lines that define our relationship have become hazy. I just want you to let your mother know that I still have very deep feelings for her and I'll make up as many fictional histories as she wants.
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I wish i could rate that up 10 times. I just laughed so hard.