Bernadine's Anger, Part Two,

As I had mentioned in the first part of Bernadine's anger,  When mom force feed my sister Janet, she did try it on all each one of us, though mom found out at the time, I was not going to let here do it to me. Some how as I look back Jesus or an angel was with me to protect me. to fight back. My siser Janet had heart surgery, mind sixties it was still experimental for children. Yes she was scared, Patty as a child did not know what was happening, all I knew Janet was in the hospital.  This is what mom did to me, Janet home from the hospital, noticed Janet had gottin a Barbie doll from her classmates,  All I wanted to do is look at it. I yelled at mom all I would like to do is look, not play. Janet and I we pulling on the doll, Mom and dad in kitchen, I heard mom's words till this day. Rich my step dad, go there and do something, I can do anything any more. He sure did, Dad grabbed pulled me down to the front room floor,where Janet was resting on the couch, Dad started slapping me in face, then into my entire body, I got away to the front door, he came at me again this time straddled on the floor again, slapping hitting.  While mom stood in kitchen not even watching what my step dad did to me.  As one individual commented about how this follows generation to another. she is right,  I remarried  I had a son from my first marriage of 16 another following of mom's foot steps of disaster. My son had did something horrible one day he was 8 years old, the babysitters daughter and my son decided to run around the yard naked.  This was completely wrong of my son, though I thought my husband as a fireman, would have a talk with my son, explaining the wrong of what he did, The now exhusband firemant said,Robert needs a spanking, I said ok, What I believe of a spanking and I know some of you,sometimes a little spanking is needed, 3 little splaps on the butt is enough, As my mother did in the kitchen, I also did.  I listened to the now exhusband slap slap the man did not stop, I yelled for him to stop. At that time, As a fireman his best friends on the dept had children, you would believe he would know how to spank a children,  Years later I asked hime why you spanked Robert in that way.  His remark was I was spanking him until he cryed, I have story about this man coming up later, With a question of which all of you I hope will have all friends to answer.  The title will be Fireman Ron  Just to let all who are reading parts of my life, with most likely more to come. I mentioned to my sister, I felt my entire life, was living in a tunnel. just existing,  I see the right,wrongs of my life. Because myself,brother,and sister never had someone to direct us through life.  The last 3 years of my life I had start Bible study on my own and watching Joyce Meyer on televison, God Bless America,that we as a nation can express ourselves, so we can be free of our torement.
justmepat1954 justmepat1954
Sep 8, 2011