America, I Need Your Input On This Question.

How many men out there check there infant daughter, to see if they have a vagina ?     One afternoon came up to me he checked it our infant daughter had a vagina.  My first thought was how would someone check to see a vagina, unless they do a full examination, a doctor would do that, right, and not at infant stage right.  I thought what he did was wrong something a pervert would do. I believe in my stomach he over stepped his boundries.
justmepat1954 justmepat1954
2 Responses Sep 13, 2011

No. not normal. Not okay. Get your daughter away from him tonight. I was molested at a young age for many many years with stupid reasons he used to cover it. DONT BUY HIS BULLSHIT. leave now. get her away and don't ever leave her alone with him again.

America, your opinion in this matter is a great importance. Was I right to watch this man,who is the infants father. Was this man possibly a danger to my daughter. Is this man have a mental problem. America is this a normal thing that a man does to his infant daughter. All men out there is this normal thing you all do. Women, mom's out there did your husband check your infant daughter if she has an vagina. How would you feel or how would you react if your husband or boyfriend came up to you and said I check out our infant daught if she has an vagina. america how or what would your reaction be?