Overcoming Obstacles And Becoming Stronger And More Beautiful Because Of Them.

On march 8,1992 I was shot with a 9mm handgun..the bullet crushed my right clavicle and then proceeded to ricochet inn my chest cavity collapsing both of my lungs and lacerating my pulmonary artery.I was coded @ the hospital..meaning I was clinically dead..I still had oxygen left in my brain while I am hearing all of this around me..next thing I knew a scalpel was being u to slice between my ribcages to insert tubes into my chest to drain the blood/fluid build-up.I woke several hours later to having my entire chest cracked open..sore as i was..I knew I would pull through an d LIVE...which I have been doing for many a years now.I am a fitness/Yoga instructor and a Mommy to my two beautiful and amazing kids my five year old son and my thirteen year old daughter..they give me all the reason one would ever need to wanna survive an d LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST..I have always wanted to share my incredible story with the world so I am trying to do that now..there is so much I have inside of me that i would love to be able to give someone hope when they think there isn't any...this is just one part of my life...but it definitely helped make me who I am today...which is one strong beautiful intelligent loving woman and mother who sure has a lot of inspirational stories to tell.
wonderwoman007 wonderwoman007
41-45, F
Feb 5, 2012