My Life Has Changed

well, recently i changed school which means that i've lost all my friends and actually i lost everything i had. maybe it is a little bit dramatic but it's the truth. i went to a public school since i was going to a private school. i didn't say anything bad or you know offensive but i'm not  a pozer but i didn't liked it.  i didn't knew anyone so it was very hard for me the first 3 months. on december i met a girl, she was very nice girl and we had a lot of common, i guess. until today we are hanging out but my problem is that she is irritable and we fight a lot and when we fight my heart hurts so much because a have a small problem with my heart,my doctor said that i shouldn't cry. i really don't know what to do and i really miss my friends. we talk everyday but it is awful anyway. i mean i can do something to see them since we are 1 and half hour away. my mon doesn't talk with me,not that she is a bad mother but she has her own problems and my dad has another wife and family and he works a lot which means that i am able to see him only once a week. i don't want a solution because there is not, i just wanted to talk to someone, even if it is someone stranger. so tell me anything you want because i really need something to hear.. 
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1 Response May 10, 2012

Hello there! I'm here if you need to talk