My Life Has Been Hard, And I Fear The Future

My name is Lauren and i am 15 years old. i am the youngest of 4 children. the oldest is my brother Justin, then my sister Megan, then Stephanie, and finally me. my family lived in a 2 bedroom apartment since my sister Megan was born. soon it was crowded with all of us. me and my 3 siblings shared one room and my parents had the other. we struggled with money and my dad had a gambling problem. when i was 10 my family got evicted from our home. i had to leave my best friend Monika behind, i had known her since she moved in when we were 5. we moved in to a hotel for a little while then we lived with my dad's dad. he was mean and was always yelling at us, so it was back to the hotel. we had almost no money, so we didn't always get to eat, sometimes we got lucky and found a dollar for a bag of chips. soon we couldn't afford the hotel we stayed at so we had to go live with our uncle, who like my grandfather, was mean and a jerk. my dad lost his van and license because of unpaid parking tickets. we had to take the bus to school which was far because of moving away from our old neighborhood. soon the uncle came to be to much so we left again for a hotel. we soon had to move to a different hotel, that was cheaper. my sisters had to go live with relatives and my brother had to stay with a friend, so we could get a smaller room. soon it was back with the same uncle but a different home. i had to sleep in the basement on an old couch which had been infested with bedbugs, i had just turned 14 a couple of months before. i was stuck in that dark dirty basement when i got home from school because my uncle didn't like any noise. i was being eaten alive by the bed bugs and always had red marks up my arms, back and legs. i was embarrassed to go to school, but i still went. my dad and my relationship got really bad. i began to hate him and we barely talk, it is still like that today. i got depressed and i barely talked to my family, i would just sit in the basement for hours by myself. the problems with my uncle never changed, they just got worse. soon i was being yelled at for the dumbest things same with my other family members. soon we knew we had to leave. my parents found a small two bedroom apartment in our old neighborhood in September 2011. i had just started high school a performing arts high school, i go there for singing. we have lived in this apartment for 6 months now. we are still struggling with money, and because of lack of space my sisters still don't live with us, but my brother sleeps in the living room. in the course of 5 years from the time i was 10 till almost 15 we moved 9 times and stayed at 4 different hotels. some we stayed at more than 1 time. one hotel we lived in for over a year and a half. i am terrified of losing our home again, and i found out we might be again. while we lived in hotels, and with relatives we had our stuff in a storage locker. my dad didn't make the payments and they sold our stuff. we lost almost everything pictures, awards, clothes, toys, furniture and my dad didn't care. than we lost our stuff again when we got a different storage locker for the same reason, so we lost even more things. one thing that makes me happy is that me and Monika are still the best of friends. it has almost been 10 years since we met and she is still like a sister to me. i hang with her whenever i can. my life feels empty from all the changes i have gone through and i am terrified of the future. school is not hard but i have fallen behind this year because of everything that has been going on. i don't think my life will ever be the same as it was before the eviction. i am afraid to relax because i think this new home will turn out to be a dream. this is my life and i am only 15 years old... i am worried about the rest of it left to come.
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Why don't you look for a part time job? It may help...and please study hard, so one day you'd be successful and never to struggle from money again.