There's A Life In There: A Life Story Told In Experience Project Experiences

“I Am A Born Worrier”
“I Am the Middle Child” “I Had A Happy Childhood”  “I Love Climbing Up Trees” “I Love To Read” “I Loved Listening To My Grandmother” “I Know How To Crochet” “ I Am Shy” “I Was Teased As A Child” “I Have No Cavities”

“I Went To A Catholic School” ”I Am Spiritual But Not Religious”  “I Keep A Journal” “ I Am A Loner Who Sometimes Needs To Socialize” “I Like To Smoke Pot” “I Love To Laugh And Have A Good Time” “I Remember My First Kiss” “I Went To College” “I Discovered My Sexuality” “I Had a Crush On My Professor” “I Have Wasted Potential” “I Ran Out Of Money” 

“I Drive A Volkswagon Beetle” “ I Adore My Job Which Is Working In A Bookstore” “I Like Intelligent Conversation” “I Like Older Men” “I Fell In Love With And Dated A Guy 17 Years Older Than Me” “I Live With My Boyfriend” ”I Graduated College With Honors” “I Have Moved To A New Home” “I Am Engaged” “I Had a Small Wedding”  “I Am Married” 

“I Love My Life” “I Want To Be A Mom” “I Am “Possibly” Infertile” “I Suffer From Severe Depression” “I Have Adopted Children” “I Love Gardening And Nature” “I Love My Daughters” “ I Am a Great Mom” “I Live In The Country” “I Saw A Bear” “I Am Thinking About Moving Away” 

“I Bought A New House” “I Hate Packing And Moving” “I Love Working In The Yard” “I Love Birds” “I Am A Volunteer” “I Am A Stay At Home Mom” “ I Have A Lot of Great Laughs With Friends” “I Am a Foster Parent” “I Have a Child With Special Needs” “I Lost A Child” “I Was Betrayed By My Family”  “I Am Tired Of Being In Pain All The Time” “I Suffer From Chronic Depression” “I Am Sad” 

“I Wish I Could Live My life Differently” “I Believe In The Power Of Forgiveness” “I Have Been Shocked” “I Can’t Change The Past But I Can Change My Future” “I Am Not Who They Think I Am” “I Am Trying To Change My Outlook On Life” “I Live In A Sexless Marriage”
“I Am Married But Lonely” “I Have Been Married A Long Time” 

“I Had A Defining Moment” “I Found My Inner Strength” “I Have A Child With Autism” “I Have A Troubled Teen” “I Love Drinking Wine” “I Wish I Could Smoke Pot” “I Am Changing My Life” 

“I Am Separated From My Husband” “ I Am Going Through A Lot Of Changing In My Life Right Now” “I Want To Be Held And Told Everything Will Be Okay” “I Don’t Laugh Very Much Anymore” “I Am Missing Intimacy And Romance” “I Tell My Children I Love Them Every Day”  “I Am Getting A Divorce” “I Spend A Lot Of Time Being Alone” “I Have Rescued A Dog” “I Am Moving” “I Hate Packing And Moving”
“I Am Not Scared to Try New And Interesting Things” “I Found Experience Project By Accident” “I Am A New Member Of Experience Project” “I Have A Friend On Experience Project“ “I Fell In Love With Someone I Met Online” “ I Had A Date” “I Believe In Love At First Sight” “I Discovered My Sexuality” “ I Am Tipsy” “I Have Many Hidden Talents to Explore” “I Love To Laugh And Make Others Laugh”

“I Think I May Love Him” “I Fell In Love And It’s Destroying Me” ”I Love Corsets And High Heels” “I Love A Married Man” “I Don’t Like Myself Very Much Sometimes” “I Have Been Emotionally Abused” ”I Was Abandoned” “ I Accidently Finished A Bottle Of Wine Alone” “I Seriously Need To get A Grip On Reality” “I Sometimes Want To Lie On The Floor And Cry” “I Miss You” “I Just Need To Pull Myself Together And Continue Living For Me” 

“I Can Do Anything I Set My Mind To”

“I Am A Lawyer” “I Need To Do Paperwork” “ I Hate Paper Cuts” “ I Am Trying To Complete An Amicable Divorce” “I Am Happily Divorced” “I Like To Sing And Dance” 

 “I Am So Tired Of Hurting And Being Sad” “I Am Starting My Life Over In Mid Flight” ”I Want To Laugh Until My Stomach Hurts” “ I Am Starting A New Job” “I Find Joy In Little Things” “I Know Everything Will Be Okay In The End” “I Like Figuring Things Out” 

”I Think People Come Into Our Lives For A Reason” “ I Believe In Signs” “I Believe Every New Day Is A New Start” “I Believe In Unconditional Love” “I Love Rivers” “I Know That Some Things Will Never Change” “I Have Memories I Can Never Forget” “I Am Thinking About You” ”I Love Hot Air Balloons” “I Believe Anything Is Possible” 

 “I Like To Express Myself Through Words” “I was Published Today”  “I Am Confident With Who I Am As A Person” “I Think I Am Happy” “I Am Trying To Find Myself” “I Found Myself” “I Think Life Is Beautiful” “I Like To Savor The Moment I Am In” “I Believe Love Is The Meaning Of Life” “ I Am Trying To Accept The Things I Cannot Change” “ I Am Still Learning-Every Day” “ I Believe In Love” 

“I Am Typing On The Laptop” “I am Tired” “I Love My Ep Friends”
 “I Am Finished”
Quintesse Quintesse
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18 Responses Jun 3, 2012

Ahhhhh!!! Ven! Yeah! Oh how I've missed you!<br />
You are one of about three people here who have the faintest idea who Sasha is / was. My greatest Ep regret...(deleting that profile) <br />
I could recreate her in a second. Problem is I need an ambitious story partner and a good man is hard to find. I'd pay that guy to come back here for one more round. The most fun I have ever had here. <br />
Welcome back.

I'd say that you've really experienced this project. <br />
<br />
Is there a group in there about wanting to write a campy online romance novella with bulging biceps and heaving breasts?

Sunset, Rubey and jen--<br />
You guys get it, I can tell. The idea of letting the experiences speak for us is intriguing but only about ten of these are actual experiences of mine. It is fun to play around though and try and define what you're attempting to say through other's group concepts.<br />
If people followed my lead on this I would find that endlessly amusing. <br />
Go for it!

Inspiring as usual...Now I need to go read my groups list to see if THAT story makes sense cause really nothing does lately.

Feel free to fill in the blanks with other people's experiences, I did.

Great stuff. I'm going to play with this idea in my journel. You may cause a domino effect with this post.

Go! Get writing! It is fun

Oscar, "I Want To Know What You Would Do If Zombies Attacked"

Rickie--yes, That's my story in all of it's Ep glory. But don't tell anyone. It is a carefully guarded secret.

So that's you? ;-)

Mar--I think Ep's motto should be "People Come Into Your Life For A Reason"<br />
Thank you so much.

Dear HistorianFallacies, <br />
You should never have deleted your brilliant 800 word non punctuated writing effort as I am always interested in new and wonderful examples of self ex<x>pression, as you can see. In fact, this is my new favorite way to express myself here. Fortunately there is a never ending supply of experiences to suit my needs. From one writer to another--get to work.

Oh it's been thrown--in fact you'd better pick it up before someone trips over it.

Flower:<br />
I used to have to look both ways when I walked out of my house--bear country. I loved them, but it got old 1. after I lost a staring contest with one of them and 2. they started a hunting season and people would climb trees on my property to get a good shot. That was it for me.

Yep that would do it for me too.

“I Live In The Country” “I Saw A Bear” “I Am Thinking About Moving Away” <br />
<br />
I Laughed Out Loud

O lordy<br />
<br />
Love you, miss Q<br />
<br />

hahahahaha Never a dull moment over here.
I've missed you, that hehe

Luna<br />
Telling a story but skipping the details. Yeah. That's it. If I shared the details I'd lose you after "I was born" haha. <br />
Thanks<br />
Quercus--There are some fascinating experiences out there!<br />
I had fun with this. Thank you.

I enjoyed it. Let it all hang out. Bravo

Is the best way to tell a story without getting into details. <br />
<br />
I was laughing at first since I was going through my experiences too.<br />
what a day, huh?

Nah--I pulled them out as I went along. I actually searched for experiences that matched what I wanted to say. Only about 20 of these are actual experiences that I have written stories in. <br />
Clever though huh? It kept me busy on a lonely Sunday afternoon and it was cathartic.

It made me want to pull together my experiences and make a life story out of them!

A fascinating idea Q. <br />
<br />
I have wondered before what someone would think of me if they just read a list of all my experiences. Wondered how it would sum me up ... <br />
<br />
I do love to look back on some of my earlier experiences and stories ... it's interesting to see development over time. EP gives us a unique opportunity to track our progress (or otherwise). <br />
<br />
What did you make of this evolution? (I take it these are your own experiences).

So many of my experiences are nonsensical--I don't want people to look at them and judge me unless they have as warped a sense of humor as I do.

I mean--I think Obama is Terrorist Baby?

a warped sense of humour is a necessary asset isn't it? I find it helps on life's "comical" journey!