People Make Mistakes

Hi, I would like to share my story with the world, If I pass on tonight noone will ever know, I really feel being in foster homes and as a abused child to eat their own puke that is a form of abuse, and then try growing up normal when your foster mother is calling you abusive names all day long and beating you just because you are not the color she wants you to be that is abuse to me all these forms of abuse not blaming her she was crazy, I blamed society for turing their backs on me when I use to tell then what was going on, making me take medications while in school that made me sleep. in doing work in class that got me beat agin. Finally I left that abuse situation and put into another one with my real family. My mother stayed in jail or prison trying to support her childern. again I was in a foster home unlucky, then I ran away to mass. and tried my luck at 16 I lived there not having a clue what I had done, I ran away searching for a dream to become someone famous a star. I didn't. I left there and came home. I, Me miss nice, always helping someone, ended up doing 27 years in prison, I lost my mother my sister my family. thoes dreams have all gone. altho I say alive still trying to live them in the back of my mind. if there is anyone feeling like me please respond. I do have a faithful dog

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I was raised by my Grandparents, they were all the Family I had growing up. I was sentenced to a 6 year D.O.C Sentence leaving my 5 year old daughter behind. Now she is 12 and I am 31 and we are rebuilding our lives and added a brother who is now 2 years old. I understand and feel your heart.

You could have complained and named all these woes, but instead you mentioned you had a faithful dog. i love that you can still see the good in your life.

Munsene.. if either of you need to talk about your feeling, you can leave me a message.. even if it is on this page. i work with people with similar problems and grew up with them myself. Hope you are doing well and keeping strong!!!!!

Im am so sorry..i would like to tell u my story todays date is 5-29-10 and it is 3:17 pm. my name is Emily Munsen i am 14 years old .i was raised by my grandma since i was born .but my mom lived at my grandmas with us.when i was ten years old my uncle (dads brother)tried sleeping with me.when i was 12 he tried it again after that i told my mom but the police said they dint have any evidence so they dint do anything my family on my dad side doesnt tlk to me anymore .the last two years of my life my sisters brothers and mom have been abused phisically by my moms husband.the police never did anything about that neithor because he works for the police department .2 weeks ago he was driving and my mom kept telling him he took to many pills that he couldnt drive and he wrecked at the time of the wreck we had gotten taken a way by ocs because of me running away and my mom always being at the casino and her husband abusing us my mom tried to run from him but he always found us.well back to the wreck,my mom has been in a coma since the wreck and the docters said her brain stem was streched she paralized on one side of her body and shell have to be taken care of by some one for the rest of her life.last week my moms mom. the grandma who raised me died from pancreas cancer and my mom dint even get to say goodbye.. my life is hard and now i dnt want to live any more i need some one to tlk to!!!!!