An Ex Asked Me To Get Her Pregnant And Promised I Wouldn't Have Any Involvement In Her Or Her Child's Life...she Lied

I haven't talked to her in almost a year. I had moved on with my life, had a new baby and was enjoying life with my new baby , my fiance who gladly stepped up to help me raise my two boys that I have sole custody of. My ex calls and asks for a favor. She asks that if I could get her pregnant and promised that I would have no involvement with her or raising her baby. For whatever reason, I agreed. I went to her place and slept with her and then left. She started calling everyday for me to come back and for us to continue having sex. I refused and told her to wait a couple weeks and take a test and see if the initial meeting worked. It did. But she then still wanted me to come there and sleep with her, I refused. She then said she wanted me to be a father to her child. Three months later, my fiance finds out what I had done. She found my email up and saw one of the emails to my ex telling her to leave me alone and me being a part of her life was the agreement. My fiance was about to rightfully walk out on me, but then my eldest son, a player on his high school basketball team and a amature boxer, was involved in a motor vehicle accident that has left him with brain trauma for life. I have cut off all communication with her I guess hoping this nightmare will go away as I deal with the care of my eldest son, the life of my middle son and the care of my baby boy and pregnant fiance....the child support request to have a paternity test came in the mail today.
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so many mistakes in this....

A favor? Do yourself a favor. Next time anyone asks a favor go into it with eyes open and zipper shut not the other way around.