I am a 100% disabled veteran.i have a brain injury with post tramatic stress disorder,and anxiety.in 2010 i had went to a va hospital for help with,i was homicidal and suicidal.while in i acted out by throwing a chain across the room and challenged another man to a fight.i went to va hospital for help and they released me after that incident.in just a couple months and i checked myself back into va hospital.after getting the help i needed after 4 mos and lining up a place to live ,i was assaulted by a va employee while walking into a bath room.this man was mopping floor and i was walking on it to get to the bath room so this man punched me in the chest.about one week later this man snuck into our room early morning,and according to his boss he should not have been in our room that early.this man shoved me backwards into wall,banging my head and threw a punch at me witch blocked.i use to do pro boxing and pro kickboxing i know how to defend myself i had my room mates write statements on what happened and turned them into the chief of police at the va hospital.it took the va police one and a half years to do investigation and when it came out i was the aggressor??i asked them what happened to those written statements from my room mates i turned into you.'you never turned in anything to us. that is a lye.now i go to the patient advocate and the director of the hospital and tell them what happened.who do you think they believed.i visited patient advocate several times about that and these other things that happened to me at va hospital and nothing was done for me at all.i.was given wrong medication that almost killed me three times in 11 days.fell out in grocery store first time with a heart beat of 30 beats a min.got driven to hospital second time same thing bad heart beats.and same third time.so i send bills from hospital to va to pay and they denied me,so i called them on phone and talked to gentleman who said to put attn to;his name and send them to me.only to be denied again.got a letter from va saying they are sorry but they sent all my benifitt information to the wrong address along with social security number ,amount of check...also when i was in va hospital and being 100% disabled they had me put my monies in there at va.but when i checked out of va they told me they lost my monies.so out of hospital i am pennyless.i had place lined up and could not move in,no money.i have been refused medications by doctors for going on two years now.i had been threw 27 lawyers who tell me either they dont do that kind of work or just not intrested.i have written congressman and senators but we all know this was a election year right.all the way up to the president.until i made a threat over the computer i was contacted by the attorney generals office who interviewed me at a police station.which i brought one of me old room mates who witnessed the assault to give statement again.and when talking with attorney generals officer he still tells me that he interviewed the other guy and his and my story dont match.duh???what about my witnesses?still not good enough.dam i could understand how people go postal.but, i give up.i have no rights.what im i going to do now?lose my disability. the end.yeah its the end alright.matt l.
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Matt, don't give up.
It's not the end.
It means you can take yourself away from this experience and start something new and better. Maybe you could become a court reporter? you could use what hurt you the most to help you. Become someone who documents things so well, there isn't room for another's shortcomings. I'm sorry this has happened to. It sounds like you've been through hell. It's time to find some heaven. I wish you all the best.