Wrong Chick

OK so here it is, I have been with the mother of my child for 4 years that of which only the first year meant anything. we have a 3 year old son and he is the best thing that could have ever happened to me. But Ashonti dominque williams (my baby mama) is a very spiteful person. Not to mention she lies a lot. three of the four years we were together she cheated with guys that actually lives on the same street as her. She constantly put our son on the back burner to go out and be with all sorts of different guys that she brings around my son. I even caught a lie she wrote on facebook about me kicking her out, taking the keys, and not supporting our child. For one I live with my parents and so does she. Two we were never married or engaged, and three I have always been there for my son.The story gets worse she even got into doing ***** and having people record her doing sexual acts, which I have pics of. And African american women wonder Why black guys doesn't want anything to do with them.
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Jan 19, 2013