For Those People That Mistreat There Kids This Is A Tru Story Of Me.

i Kenneth Ragan grew up in Sugarland Texas this is a great town to live in its where i want to return to when my days are over.i had lots of friends here and a girl friend i wanted to marry of course my parents said no you are moving with us to Dallas Texas.this realy hurt me realy bad inside.i had lots of girl friends here.what hurt the most my friend married her.i feel i got delt a bad hand of cards.the problem at home with mom and dad is that i was adopted into this family and i never seamed to fit in at least thats the way i feel.these parents were very abusive to me .i could not take a pee without my mother peeking in on me.if i talked back or tryed to stop these problems by talking to dad it would leed to getting knocked thru the walls in the i am not kidding.i was beaten up and abused untill i was 20 to 21.i could no longer live with them.lucky for me i met this lady i know live with and married to.if she had not taken me away from them i would have killed my self by drinking heavily.Allthow i dont get beaten up anymore since i got married.i do not talk to my parents afraid they may try to abuse me or my children.i now suffer from depression and sadness and sometimes i dont want to live anymore.i have lost a loveone i wanted to marry and now its too dont always say no to your kids and dont treat them bad they will remember be loveable to your kids they will have a better wifes parents are letting us stay rent free but they refuse to replace any old ovens or broken items in the house.the pool in my backyard helps me to relax but since the brickwall fell down the city of dallas wants me to remove it and her parents dont care to help me to keep it they have lawers and money to help but they dont want to help.i only want god to help me now.send me your ideas and what you would do.
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Jan 22, 2013