Part Of My Story

I am 17 years old girl that have been called awkward and mysterious lately and i don't fit in neither in my family nor with my friends at school but some of them talk to me only at school they just talk about **** immature things that i could not stand but would smile and get along with them just to be nice but if they could read my minds i would get punched in the face a lot ! ha ha not just kidding . i wish i had one best friend that i could tell her every thing in my mind and never judge me for who i am .and i have that one male teacher in my school that keep staring at me and make me wanna shout and tell him WHAT DA HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU i ve never told anyone about it i know its not a big deal but it makes me sick.its just a tiny part of my story and i wish EP would make me feel better
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Jan 27, 2013