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My name is Madison I am 13 and this is my story. I was born in Ohio with the idea life for a kid to have. Nice city, nice residents, nice everything. Well I THOUGHT everything was fine. My parent were drug dealers. My mother did drugs. My mother was suicidal and then was locked up in "the nut house" while my father moved to Wv to be with family (my brother moved with my dad and my sister lived with me as she was a miner also). So my dad and brother came to Ohio to get me and my sis. Then my mother got out and moved with us also. Well the drugs here were worse. So my mothers problem became worse. My mother became abusive and I was neglected often. Skipping to a few scenes in my life, my sister died when I was 11. CPS became involved and I could live with my parents. Until one day my parents were arested and I was adopted. I have an ok life now but have very bad depression. That's my story.
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am sorry babe..

I'll be ur friend

your fine real fine lol pm me

that was a sad story but ...


but youll be fine your a beautiful girl

I'm fine. I am suicidal, but I will be fine. :)

I was suicidal...

I am and think I always will be.

I can't blame you sounds like you've had a EXTREMELY bad childhood

I tell my mother this when ever she is sad

"This are bad, but things could be worse. We have it bad, but we could have it worse"

*is not are



Oh I just do that when I have nothing to say

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