First Time In Sharing My Story :(

well I am 22 and I have been with my bf for nearly a year. The first 2 months was great then he went out one night and got attacked my 3 lads he rang me 10 mins before the attack and told me he was going back to this girls house for a party, he never came home that night. The next morning I fount out he was in hospital serious head injury luckly he got better, a week after i went to stay i only stay at weekeneds i was sat on sofa and i asked him if he wanted a cuppa all of a sudden he has me pinned down on sofa strangling me. When he finally let go he couldn't remember a thing that was his excuse i believed it wouldnt happen again but then he started saying nasty comments we kept breaking up and he texted to say he changed i believe him every time. He then started checking my phone and i could only eat and drink when he gave his permission i even had to ask his permission to go bathroom one night he brought his ex up for some reason and he attacked me again this time dragging me round the room by hair and spiting in my face, i left even dated someone else but then i went back cuz he made me feel quilty i told him i dated someone else and he dragged me upstairs and forced himself onto me anal way :( i went at the weekend to get my stuff and he acted so perfect for a bit then he said he was in a violent relationship few years ago only for a month then he walked out if he knows what it feels like why do it to me?? i went back this time told him a real man dont hit women and he grabbed me again, i looked him in face and told him that if he attacks me again i would tell everyone what he is like and i laughed in his face and called him pathetic!!! he couldn't last a month in a abusing relationship yet i lasted almost a year i refuse to put up with it any longer nobody deserves it
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thanks for the comments. I agree a person who loves you would'd do that, I stayed cause things was actually going good but i have left now and i feel so much better

Drop his off and be done with him. Press charges if you have to. Your health and safety is more important than feelings. A person whom truly loves you won't ever put his hands on you and abuse you I'm anyway.

sad to hear.. but question is why relation turned voilent and when it become like this why did you bear it at first place.... you should resist from first day.. and give him a tight slap so he would never even think of it again in his life..