Being Stalked

This is the first time i am telling my story on the internet but i need some advice so here comes my story.
Im 21 now and have been stalked since i was sixteen on and off. This isn't Just a regular stalking situation.
I met this guy and i kinda liked him and it Seemed liked he liked me too becuz we would talk on the phone for hours every time we talked so i asked him out and he agreed. We went out for about a couple months and then he said he was getting locked up for drugs, but he would be out in three months. After that i had a feeling that i was being followed n it turns out he didn't go to jail n was stalking me. At first i was scared becuz i thought he was going to hurt or kidnap me. The reason i thought thIs is becuz i got a strange phone call at 6 in the morning and the person said they know my room was on the left of the house and they were going to kidnap my cat, n kidnap n rape me. The werid thing was that he wouldn't talk to me n he still doesn't but he gets his friends to call me All the time n they are always so nosy. He would send people to talk to me n i didn't know they knew him at first. He also tried to destory 3 of My relationships n he did actually succeed at one. I just don't understand if he doesn't want to talk to me than why is he doing this? Can some one please help me becuz this has gone on way too long.
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1 Response Jan 31, 2013

I know this has been posted a while ago. Hopefully you got your problem resolved. If not, perhaps I could offer a little advice. Unfortunately, being a creep and stalking is not a crime.(it should be) However, I would file a restraining order and build up a case against him. Phone calls, texts, emails should be saved and recorded if he does threaten you with violence and rape. If he does trespass on your property be sure to call the police. Same with his friends too. Make sure you get a copy of the police reports should he try to commit crimes against you. Its really scary. But the best way to get through this is to try and ignore him. Carry a tazer, mace or a handgun on you should you be alone outside or in the open. (Just remember if he breaks in your house you have every right to defend yourself, even if that means using deadly force. Let's face it, he's not breaking in your home to say hi. He's clearly got some serious issues. Its best not to antagonize him. I would help your case too if you got a full background check on him to see of he's dome anything like this I'm the past.