Missing An Old Friend

You ever have that one person that for some reason has left your life and you just want to talk to them, see how they are, tell them about the troubles your having?
I used to have a friend that I could tell anything to. The friend that would tell me exactly how she felt about what I was saying and wasn't scared to tell me the truth.
I remember the meeting her and suddenly I had to urge to invite her to a game. Like movies and television shows, we had the same interest in sports and teams. An hour after that game was over and we parted ways we texted each other until the early hours of the dawn. From that day on we would spend hour upon hour talking and texting.
She was someone who could make me laugh no matter what and no matter what kind of problem I was facing, she would make it better. She would know just the right thing to make me crack a smile even when I was sad or mad.
I did she same for her. We both had busy lifestyles so our friendship was just that, a friendship. I supported her playing softball by going to as many games as I could for the past three years. She supported me when it came to my coaching.
Yes I admitted to her I liked her more than a friend and she did at some point before that, she admitted. But at the time things didn't work out for us to go out and she we remained friends for well over three years.
We did have a disagreement last summer and for some reason, we went a whole three months without talking. I honestly don't remember what the fight was about.
We stayed friends on Facebook but didn't talk until school reconvened for the fall semester. (Mind you I did get my current girlfriend a week before).
Anyway I went to the first home football game and she saw me of course it was awkward. As I was leaving the game later that night, she texted me 'hi.'
After a minute or two I texted her back and we got back to where we were... For about a month.
Than one day she just texted me and said that she couldn't continue our friendship as she believed I had changed and was no longer the person she thought I was. I didn't understand why. She stated that I never told her about my current girlfriend. I responded by saying that she had never asked. She didn't take that as a good response and she said I would never hear from her again.
That was 5 months ago.... Now it is 1:43 am and she is all I can think about...
It's not that I don't like my current girlfriend but it's not the same as having my old friend to talk to...
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1 Response Feb 1, 2013

Bravo!! and I can relate.. I really can...I am sorry for your loss, as I morn mine..