Wanting To Tell My Wife

I want to tell my wife so bad I am a sissy that needs to dress up and take real **** and ***. Its a long story but a friend of hers "which Is me" emails her and gives her ideas to do to me so sometimes like sometimes wearing panties for her. She has "made" me eat my own *** or give myself a facial but I want so much more and I don't think she will want to at all. I wish she would want me to dress up totally fem and watch me suck and take ****. Any advice?
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You have gone further with your wife than I have with mine that's for sure. I can get my wife to plug my *** and **** me with a vibrator, but no panties yet or facials.

very exciting prospect.

Yes, introduce her to another couple where some of what you want gets done. Let her see another guy perform for his wife and for her.

Good Luck Honey.

Wow, if you've gone that far do you really think she would be surprised?

what do you mean if I have gone that far.

She's "made" you eat your *** and facialize yourself? Does she verbalize? Confess that you are the friend and open the conversation.

No she doesn't tell my wife that I am the friend. She gives my wife ideas and sometimes but rarely my wife uses them but very rare.

I wish you lots of luck! I can't even find a girlfriend that will accept me as a Sissy, so go slow and be happy that she is at least somewhat open to the idea.

I am trying to go very slow let her open up to the idea. Its very hard as I live dressing up and think about **** all the time.

You and me both sister! You should have your "friend" suggest that she get a ******* to **** you with.

Actually she has and my wife does not often but it's a start and I love it. The last time my wife came will I was riding her "****" that was so hot

Oh how I miss being all dressed up like a proper Slutty Sissy and being ****** by a beautiful woman with a *******. My ex from a few years ago would do this to me a lot. And every time I came, she always made me use my mouth to clean it up. Those were truly some wonderful times. And I miss having those experiences, which is why you should steadily but slowly keep at her. And fully enjoy and savor the special times.

I do and love it when it does happen can't wait for more

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Present her with a key, when she asks what's it for, tell her you will show her when you get to bed - when there walk out wearing a sexy outfit, bra, garters, etc. and sheer panties showing your locked **** - if anything would work, it will be that, good luck!

Find a Save sissy Friend you can play with if you want

I have tried but cant find any

My wife knows I love to cross dress and accepts it - in the house - but she doesn't feel comfortable going out with me. A couple of her nieces are aware and accepting and even go out with me. I at times let men hit on me and dance with me and have gotten as far as a very embracing kiss on a couple of occasions. I felt uncomfortable, as I didn't want it to go any further for fear of being discovered. Thank god my nieces were there to intervene. They knew that I was getting close just by the look in the guy's eyes. I wasn't aware that I was that far along. My nieces told me from their personal experiences that they were able to get by with a hand job a couple of times and a BJ on another occasion and that maybe I might expect to do something of that nature in the future. I hadn't really given those options any thought until they mentioned it. But, Maybe you can start off by doing something simple like that with your wife at a bar... Either a hand job or a BJ. I have not gotten that brave yet and have just stopped at a strong embracing kiss. I even felt his bulge through his pants. This scared me and we decided to finish our drink and leave.

if anyone has any advice I would gladly take it and try it for sure


id try to make her into a hot wife, then share her lover

She doesn't want to be shared at all :(

That would be a dream *** true....a real fantasy

that would be so cool

unfortunatly most women arent up for it

yeah and I know she isn't into it. I have sent hints at times