I Want Too, But....

I want too but I can't.  I'm to afraid of not knowing how that person feels.  I'm tired of being the only one who gets hurt so I'll just wait it out.  Maybe someday....

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I love him so much, I've dated other guys but I can't forget him and haven't clicked with any of them the way that I did with him. I wish I could tell him how I still feel about him but I can't bring myself to for some reason.

Have you had more than just a date, or night together? What are the chances the two of you could go away for a night or two, spend a big block of time together? If he's falling in love, you'll know it then, and maybe if you can't say it he will.
Even if you don't say "I love you, " to him, if he feels it, you've moved another step closer without the risk of going too far to soon.
Does that make sense?
Be patient. If he is falling in love your patience will pay off!
I hope it works out for you!

weather didnt hold...rained the entire weekend so no splitting for me! good news is though, i didn hit my hand! lol <br />
<br />
so i was able to spend my entire weekend in the kitchen! apple, crisp, brownies, home made read..jsut too much crap!!! oh well, a nice distraction and took my mind off wanting a drink so it was good! =)

awww kitten! =( nobody is i nthe trash dear!!! especially you! =)

it is what it is currently...

it is what it is currently...

spill...it is quitting time and i am not really looking forward to going home!!! maybe i'll go outback again and split some wood...jsut hope tonight i dont hit my hand again! lol

very valid point!!!! but wait, i tel lher no too! lol

well why now must i always say how i feel huh?!?! truly honey, no does mean no! lol just kidding babe!!!<br />
<br />
it is scary how ya seem to hav emy # so easily though...hmmm

every reason is the right reason for me! ;)

never speechless dear...sometimes just cautious...;)

;) lol

seem to always be in trouble!!!!

never snub ya kitty!!! never!!! =)

i always want somethign fro mya honey......that beautiful SMILE dear!

pressing issues are the only reason we talk stick?!? lol

well thank you stick....i am truly flattered...

to hell with them dear!!! opinions matter not! ;)

i can relate dear...abandonment, trust, pain, rejection...they all run through mine with every decision and every act....<br />
<br />
emotions do not make you a silly person dear...makes you passionate is all...

never will my love!!! never will!!! dont see any reason too....

awww dont give me that crap dear!!! you always let me vent to you!!! ironic too cause i am the one with the shoulders! lol

lol must have been! lol well if ya ever need to vent dear...

well then hell exchange #'s?!? lol think i am jsut going to fall over real soon now...should be fun! lol <br />
<br />
hey now i thought ya were supposed to be gettign the sleep for the both of us since i am not?!? what gives lady??? lol

gonna end up like me love...up all damn night with the brain not shutting off! lol

stop worrying so much honey...not good for you!

thats not a guy dear...thats a boy!!! hell when i first met my wife back when i was 18...she had a daughter...that girl is now MINE!!! 11 years and only one day not there for here to tuck her in. <br />
<br />
if they dont accept the kids...they are kids themselves dear

and for that dear i truly apologize....

i understand...well maybe ya wont know the "true" one until it simply reaches up and smacks ya in the face! while he is outside playing with the kids or something...when those little things kinda sneak up on ya ya know!

then he is not the ONE honey!!!

nobodys life is all pretty honey....and if it is...it simply means they have gotten a hold of some really good **** love!

why afraid love???

the "standards" thing...

my apologies hon...apparently what i had in my head and what came out where nowhere near each other...<br />
<br />
i apolgize

but you stated you ahve never met him....what if in person he does not meet one of your "standards"...

yet patience is a virture my dear

You mean feisty???<br />

she will and she knows it...but it wont be quick enough for her...


and you think he doesn nott hink the same things...looks at the same stars...shares the same fears...

i say she has a "hunch"! =)

do you ever truly get ove rit though....i know i tend to remember for long term so that i may not repeat the same mistake

only when ya need a botty call dear only when ya need a booty call...and never bee na fan of those....so i would have to say no to that statement

but like you have said previously...every one of the good ones has been hurt / crushed / mistreated and now on guard...sometimes more the nthey should be...<br />
<br />
hel ltechnically now i am not knocked outta that running...i am married so is it faithful of me to be here talking with / flirting with/ and actually losing control of my heart for someone here on EP????

gonna be kinda hard isn't it??? consider both Ray & Stevie see better then me! ;) lol <br />
<br />
if i may stick...what makes a person "different" and what makes them "not"?

then i guess i am in luck then...for it is my past that makes me yearn to do these things for others...and since i cant seem to forget it...i will always be striving to make someones life that much easier! =)

and even burnt...i would still do the same for the next...**** afterall this time...this dog aint unlearning that trick! lol <br />
<br />
flirt...care for...yes....but let into my heart...myself very few...over all the years...

wooo now kitten...i do the cooking...i do the cleaning...i do the baking...i do the heavy yard work...i truly treat them like queens...i have not pulled out one single damn thing since i first got with my wife when i was 18!!! <br />
<br />
in all honesty this is an argument that will go till the end of time i am afraid...the saddest reason as to why is each side has far way too much ammo!!!

i do not base my judgment however on only one bad experience for that would truly be foolish...<br />
<br />
i have no problem...big gestures everytime...as long as appeciation is there...dont even need a thank you...merely the appreciation in her eyes would be enugh

now now stick...ya are holding me to the guys of your past...so how can you tell me that i cannot be gaurded because of my expereiences???

wouldnt want the job dear....i do what i do becuase i want to do them, so the accolades are never required nor wanted....i need a behind the scenes position...some place off in the shadows...where everyone jsut wonders...<br />
<br />
well being a man of limited abiltiy with expressing emotion through words...i have always found myself relying upon my actions to speak for me...but not too many people left who ever ask, "why did he do that"...nowadays, it is merely, when the hell is he going to do that agaiN!!!

dammit moved down to the cooks spot now?!? lol what the hell! <br />
<br />
speak volumes huh....well what if he speaks in volumes of a complete set of encyclopedia's hon...;)

OOPS.....???? =)~

merely the court jester my love...merely the court jester!

forever will my dear!!! forever will!!! especially if he is the "emotionally quiet" type!!! hmmm

**** babe, charisma, character, looks...confidence...all attributes i hear i have and yet, yes if approached by a beautiful intelligent lady, maybe i do sell myself short, but when she looks like a queen and has the intelligence to go with it,,, my eyes she should truly get the best!

would stevie wonder fit beeter dear?!? lol and why hard to believe???<br />
<br />
i hear all the time that i am good lookin guy and such, but when placed in a discussion with a beautiful and intelligent lady...only thought pops in is damn she is far too good for me! <br />
<br />
so should not be hard to believe

well i apparently have no brain dear...pretty reliable source too! <br />
<br />
also told i see signs like Ray Charles sees too! ;) lol<br />
<br />
ya might be as friendly as they come but I am telling ya...most guys are intimidated by a beautfiul friendly lady such as yourself!!!

i wouldnt say overlooked honey....but more along the lines that most guys are initimadated by a pretty lady such as yourself...

yes you do dear...yes you do...well you are a prize honey!!! <br />
<br />
not too many women left of your caliber!!! a harder and harder find these daays for sure...

Why must you jump so quick to the defensive / negative all the time!!! Relax dear!!! <br />
<br />
I am saying any womens heart should never be chased as a bet, a dare, or part of a contest...cause in the end the heart chooses what the heart wants honey...and the heart usually wins the fight!


sorry dear...not on a bet...not on a dare...nor the prize of a contest...simply put...too valuable a prize...

always the clues with you...but never the path lit!!! ;) <br />
<br />
would love to discuss more with you on this topic tomorrow for now gotta run dear! take care

when you speak fro mthe heart i do not see how anyone could ever be a fool....

curtsie!!! hahhaaa!!! oohhh too dman cute dear....!!! i am a slow learner though honey...d oya tutor at all? lol

With this one...yes I admit defeat dear...brains and beauty....

Ouch! did not see that "angle" coming in to play...valid point dear...no counter angle that I can see...

never said you arent deserving...said he may feel that he is not deserving of someone such as yourself...you by far are more then deserving love

maybe he is dying to jump into bed but does not feel he is deserving of you???? jsut a possibility! =)

you should find other ways to show it perhaps cuz sadly being open about your feelings may be really anti-seductive ,people get defensive or scared when the other persons so obvious but ı mean early on, smetimes what you do, scream at their face that u love them , maybe the best way to do it. loves complicated...

You have to take a chance-

Just tell them. That just makes it harder, not knowing how the other person feels. And if it is not what you expected or was hoping for, it is not because of you. They probably have their own reasons. <br />
So give it a go! ;-)

would you regret not telling them if you were on your death bed?

sweetie, i have come to learn over the years that keeping things within...have truly destroyed me...never bottle anythng up honey!!! far to beautiful a person to ever end up as such as I!!! TRUST ME!!!