I See Fundamental Flaws...

...in how this Universe operates.  

How can we be living in a world that is so f**ked up that the most important thing that ever occurs or exists in this universe, genuine love, can go to waste because there is no way for it to find expression without throwing other people's lives into chaos?

Think about that!  And then get angry with me!!!  Love is the highest, greatest, most inspired thing we ever experience, and how can our world work so hard against it???!  Aw ****, when I think about how defective that is my heart sinks and the fuses blow in my brain.  A decent Universe ought to welcome and foster all the love imaginable.  Boy, am I pissed!


romanticidiot romanticidiot
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5 Responses Mar 14, 2009

When we attempt to love our fellow humans -- imperfect creatures with free will -- chaos is often the result. For this reason, I generally try to confine my ex<x>pressions of love to immediate family and my pets. The results are far more erratic in affairs of the heart, an area where I have experienced very limited success throughout my life. I don't fault the universe for my lack of fulfillment in this area, though. I'm an introvert by both nature and nurture and this seems to limit my ability to communicate effectively with people, particularly with potential mates. Love is grand but it needs to be be allocated sparingly to an elite few. And the more vigorously you pursue it, the farther away it tends to wander...

In my mind is the Taboo this world makes from some bad apples in this world. Taking extremes as to what course ex<x>pressions can be accepted and go in. Especially when I like to see the good and possitive ex<x>pressions, most of the world is so damn Tabooed about it, that they don't care to have an Open Mind to go possitive with it. That is what I can empathize with an agree with in anger about as well.

Sahira, we're part of the universe. Sure we're part of the problem--I'll even say we're at the root of it.<br />
<br />
The anger is directed at interlocking circumstances that dictate too often love is going to have no chance at all. The lyrics to the song "Who Wants to Live Forever" say it well: <br />
<br />
"There's no time for us.<br />
There's no place for us.<br />
What is this thing that builds our dreams,<br />
Yet slips away from us?<br />
<br />
Who wants to live forever?<br />
Who wants to live forever?"

Well spoken everyone, I wish you all the best Romanticidiot, I hope you find a peace giving and fulfilling love.

I'm not angry at you. You have to let go and find the love that is around you. No one can do that for you, but you. I hope you find it! All the best!