I think it was December and it was a Friday. I was checking in a guest. He sign in. He is from Edmonton. I said I used to live in Edmonton.
He said if I was married. I said separated.
He said me if I would go into his room. I knew what he meant. No way.

He said that he going to pay me.

What an *******. I told him that I have a kid too.  He said to bring the kid too.

I said no.

Beside he is not my type. I didn't him on.


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I guess...I spend less time on the internet now. Now I spend time reading and spending time with my baby girl..

I think there are a lot of good men out there. Just that they probably don't spend much time on the internet. It's just not a manly thing. Now in my case, I have been involved in Forums and junk for years so being here is as natural as breathing. It is my escape. Besides I have a life outside of Forums and EP.

yeah...well...there are pervs out there...

thanks...hmmm...make you wonder if there are decent men left out in the world...

What a freaky guy. <br />
That has to be annoying as hell. <br />
But it was a good story. <br />
One that makes you say, Oh My Gawd, No Way!!

I don't think he was kidding...

Wha?<br />
Bring the kid. I hope he was kidding.<br />
<br />
Guys just operate differently. Some just go nuts when they have been "Dry" for a long long time. Then some are just freaks. <br />
<br />
People like that makes things even hard on me, as women start to question every guys motives with suspicion.


ew yuck, what a perv! glad to hear you shot him down! *high fives*