1) I'm 5ft tall
2) I have long brown wavy hair
3) I'm 15
4) I play the acoustic guitar
5) I sing but am too shy to professionally
6) I play the alto saxophone
7) I have braces
8) I love reading
9) I love drawing
10) I love horse riding
11) I love soccer
12) I love swimming
13) I have Chronic Lyme disease
14) I have asthma
15) I have autism asperges
16) I have Scoliosis
17) I'm extremely ticklish
18) My favourite colour is mint green
19) I want to make friends who are there for me as I'm always there for the but not the other way around
20) I love music it's my life <3
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3 Responses Aug 17, 2014

Are you a fellow band member too?

You have aspergers?? So do I!!

21 I'm ticklish