1. I am a natural blonde
2. My eyes have every color in them but most would say they are green.
3. I have one older sister and two younger brothers.
4. I love to sing
5. I paint
6. I do photography and can even develop the film (darkroom style)
7. I write poetry (have even had a few published years ago)
8. I don't tan ever!
9. I have had cancer and survived
10. I'm double jointed
11. I hate to talked down to because I'm a woman.
12. My first love was an Arab from Jordan (he broke my heart)
13. I am very close with my family
14. I believe in loving thy fellow man 100%
15. I do charity work whenever I can
16. I have two dogs and love them like my children (since I have none).
17. I think all people are beautiful in some way or another because We are all God's creations.
18. I wish the world was a kinder place.
19. I have more wisdom than most people my age due to experiences life has given me, yet I still have hope that people can change for the better.
20. I will always stand up for what I believe in even if I stand alone!!
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I would love know more things about u , i think u r a real good person by heart 👍😊

I try to be. I wish honestly the world was a nicer place, but I'm hopeful someday people will be able to see past their own selfish desires and start being more excepting and giving to others. I am a believer in helping the less fortunate and treating everyone as an equal. All people are special in some way they just need to be given a chance.

U right i too believe in helping the less fortunate old people and orphans which i find plenty in India... And that is bcoz of our corrupt politicians.

Sadly corruption in politics will always be a problem in every country because let's face it the best liars are the ones to always take office. Everyone says they want honesty, but really they seem to prefer a nice promise to reality. Things shouldn't be that way but they are and until people get tired of empty promises it will always be that way. The good thing is there is kindness in the world that will help where needed.

U absolutely right 👍

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I aspire to be more like you I appreciate your story thanks for sharing a breath of fresh air .

Thank you that means a lot.

All my fingers.

All fingers, but not the thumbs lol. Though I can bend those all the way back to touch and lazy against my wrist.

Possibly but you may want to get it checked out by a doctor bc it may be actually popped out of joint which isn't good. Had a friend that happened to and overtime it end up tearing the tendons in her knee bc she didn't realize she had messed her leg up. End of story she had to get multi surgeries to fix it and we were only 18 at the time.

Ok I'm glad. :)