1. 15 yrs of age
2. Filipina-Canadian
3. Mature for my age
4. Quite antisocial, sometimes I wish I wasn't
5. Love to learn bout diff languages, religions, and cultures
6. Sensitive sometimes
7. I'd like to be a CBP officer
8. I like to watch reality shows (Big Brother, TLC shows, etc)
9. Only child
10. I do some volunteering
11. Catholic
12. Trying to be a better person
13. Used to play the piano and learn taekwondo
14. I fluently speak English. Trying to learn French, Spanish, and German
15. I really like to canoe
16. Fishing is great too
17. I'm understanding so I don't easily judge
18. Most important things: Family, health, success
19. Angel for the most part, devil when messed with
20. I love to travel
azngirl123 azngirl123
18-21, F
Aug 17, 2014