This sounds like fun. :) So here goes...

1. I'm of mixed blood/heritage. I am half-Chinese and Filipino with dash of Spanish and German (or so my uncles/aunts say.)

2. I love playing video games. I prefer handhelds to console for the sake of portability. I own a PSP, PSVita, 2DS, PS2 , PS3 and Wii. I used to own a PS1 and DSLite.

3. I have lived in the Philippines my entire life and thus I am a natural citizen. :) I would like to travel to more countries though.

4. I love swimming and kickboxing. Due to work, I couldn't do them anymore. :(

5. I never had a significant other.

6. I used to think I was asexual since I felt no attraction to anyone during my school years.

7. I graduated in 2008 with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Nursing. I took the Licensure exam that same year and I also passed.

8. I love animals. My favorites are the horse and wolf.

9. My favorite color is green.

10. Both my parents are deceased.

11. Both my siblings work overseas. I have a brother and a sister.

12. I love reading and writing. :)

13. Any music is fine with me. However, my ears hurt if I listen too long to loud music and my heart palpitates as well to the song's rhythm.

14. I enjoy watching horror movies and documentaries.

15. I like hanging out with my friends but I do go out by myself sometimes. If I feel lazy, I'll stay home and be a couch potato.

16. I am an otaku. :) Enough said.

17. I believe that there are no boundaries to who you love. Men with men. Women with women. It doesn't matter to me. I like people for who they are. Not what the genus population thinks they should be.

18. I am Roman Catholic.

19. I can't cook unless someone turns on the fire for me due to a traumatic experience when I was young.

20. I am a fat and tall ( 5'10 ) girl. What does that make me? Lol. ;)
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2 Responses Aug 30, 2014

Hello! I am a Filipina too! :)

A very interesting human being. You are brutally honest. And sounds like your head is screwed on the right way. Stay true to your self. :)