Paintballin' Baby !!

i honestly wasn't up to it. debated about it for an hour but then decided -  what the hell, i could use the distraction right now. last year a group of us would get together a least once a month,and have a blast. i like it because i am pretty good at it, i like the tactical part, i like to shoot people (lol), and i like to win !  - big love on for that !
so i sucked it up (feeling not too good), dug out my old clothes and gear.
i was doing pretty good at first, after hunting around for a long time i picked off 3 people. the looking always gets to me. you can go a long time without seeing anyone, plus watch your own *** if your not with anyone. this place is big, so it can sometimes take awhile depending on rules and how many are playing.
right at the end, i was running underneath the bridge, and a hail of paint balls came right at me. **** !. i was not impressed. 
let me tell you when you get hit ----- it stings. ouch. serious ouch. so now i have battle bruises. oh man, i am so hard core !  lol !
so i suppose i am glad that i went. saw some old friends, got out, exercise and fresh air -- all that good stuff .  long time coming i guess .........
hartleybroken hartleybroken
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6 Responses Jul 19, 2010

yeah myth....all in?

Awesome, lets do this! Myth, are you in too, lol?

THATS IT ! sounds good ! lets freakin do that ! lol !

paint ball, melting crayons...what else can we do...let me think...<br />
<br />
I KNOW!!!<br />
<br />
Something I've found to be fun after some neighbors let their brats write with chalk all over my drive way was to take the chalk they left behind and write curse words in the middle of the street!

Hey , you should try it. fun times with paint ball then melting crayons ! we need one more thing i think!

Thats good you went out and had a good time. I've always wanted to shoot paintballs but I'm such a baby when it comes to pain I'd probably quit after getting hit once.