I like to run.
i like to see how far i can push myself.
i like the feeling of being so out of breath, you can hardly breathe.

lately i couldn't get motivated to go. i used to go every day. then it was twice a week, now its been about a week maybe more since i have gone out running. the 5k run in my town is coming up fairly soon, and i did want to do it.
so today, i decide to take it slow and just go for a nice long walk.  so i set out, and it feels good. i realize that i miss it. i look around me and take a deep breath, smile a little. then without noticing i start wringing my hands, and the urge to run set in......weird right? anyway, so i reset my pedometer and off i went. it was good, great even......for a bit. i made it just a little under 4k , and that's okay, but i gotta tell you i think the 5k is gonna kick my ***......
hartleybroken hartleybroken
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2 Responses Aug 7, 2010

Thanks !! lol. its really not such a big deal. an old friend of mine runs several 10k runs a year (i think thats about 6 miles??)

thanks, i started years ago just running/ walking a little , increasing how far i ran every week or two. I'm so sure you could do it !!! :)